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How Can I Help You?


Using my experience and insights gained from starting several prosperous businesses to help others create thriving, successful companies.


In addition to being an experienced professor, Dr. Dani Babb is an author of multiple books on education. As Founder and CEO of two education companies, she arms college administrators and professors with tools for success.

Business Strategy

Using a humanistic approach to outcomes-based management and creating tangible value for my clients with proven strategies for success.

Real Estate

Licensed real estate broker specializing in providing high quality rentals for tenants, as well as providing expert assistance in remodeling.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Creating innovative, uniquely designed products and home goods. You’ll find something for everyone you love—including you!

Press & Marketing

Award-winning author and print & television commentator giving advice to help consumers make educated choices in today’s global, tech-driven market.


My Name is Dani

Through years of trial and error and thinking I had to be “only one thing” while telling my students they could be anything, I came to realize that I could indulge in all of my interests. I created businesses in many of them, and brought knowledge to the marketplace to help other business owners like me thrive. Now I’m living my dream and helping others achieve theirs, too.


Palm Springs Vacation Rental

Real Estate Company

Escape into the enchanting world of high-end designers and glamorous movie stars at the Palm Springs Glamour oasis in Movie Colony East. Completely remodeled with no luxury spared!



Retail & Consumer Goods

Explore our carefully curated selection of innovative and uniquely designed products for the home—hand-selected for savvy shoppers and home decorators alike.


Searching for Fabulous

Home Design

Transform your home and reinvent your favorite spaces with our design company focusing on home remodels, interior design, and functional design.


Dissertation Prep

Education Company

Most universities do not provide the support that students actually need to finish their dissertation.  However well intentioned, there remains a huge gap between what universities provide, the resources available to committee chairs, and what YOU actually need. Work with us, and BE FINISHED!